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We always try to educate and keep our SEO & Google AdWords clients in the loop with all the work we perform to get the website ranked #1 on Google. We can’t stress enough on how important it is to do excellent SEO as soon as the website goes live, so Google reads the best version of your website right off the bat.
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Nick S

Real Estate Agent

“Not all SEO companies in Mississauga perform what they say. SEO experts at 6ix Developers blew my mind with amazing results within the first few months. I get it that SEO takes time and thats what I was expecting, But their team really made me think if other SEO companies in Mississauga even put any work to the website when you hire them or not. Thank you 6ix Developers for making my website Rank #1.

Candice N

E-Commerce Business

“I made my own clothing line e-commerce website but after sitting and waiting 5 months, my website was nowhere to be found on internet. I hired 6ix Developers SEO Mississauga Company to do SEO for my e-commerce website. They were very polite, they followed up with me literally every week with work update to make sure I am happy with the result. I cannot stress enough about how there are so may SEO mississauga companies that aren’t even located in Canada. 6ix Developers SEO company does everything in-house and deliver results. I would highly recommend 6ix Developers SEO company to anybody who is looking for great SEO for their website.

Paul R

Life Insurance Broker

“These guys make things happen within weeks. Even though they did tell me that SEO results will take time, but they were able to make my website rank #1 in Markham within 3 weeks. I am so happy to hire literally the best SEO company in Mississauga. These guys are very polite, friendly and responsive whenever I ask them to make any changes to my website they do it right away.