7 ways to increase traffic organically by SEO

If you are involved in online business or website development, you must be familiar with the term traffic. Traffic is essentially the general population who visit your site. Increasing traffic organically implies expanding the quantity of individuals who visit your website naturally. This does not involve the usage of money for advertisement of your website; instead, you can use some tips and tricks to boast the growth of traffic towards your site. Following are some of the tricks you can use, or you can visit our SEO Company in Toronto that specializes in providing expert advice in this regard.

  • Keywords

Catch phrases are vital as they help Google in understanding what sort of traffic to send to your website, or whose issue your site can unravel. Utilize keywords relevant to your site as frequently as possible. However, abstain from overusing them. 

  • Links

When other trustworthy websites provide links to your website in their content, it is a major plus point. This is essentially back linking. You should also look out for bad back linking which will damage the reputation of your website rather than helping it prosper.

  • Internal linking

You can also use internal linking for the advertisement of your website or business. In internal linking, you provide links to your main website in other websites or blogs. A strong system of internal linking can lead to great results concerning growing traffic.

  • Use of social media

In this advanced age, if you are not using social media for the promotion of your website, then you are truly missing out. Social media applications display the imperative substance in your site. For instance, if you are running a business online, you can put up pictures of the items you want to sale on Intagram and face-book and so forth. You can also make use of these applications for internal linking.

  • Quality content

Quality is very important when it comes to drawing in traffic. It does not matter if you post writings daily, if the content is not rich and well written, it is of not much use to you or your website. Instead of spamming boring and repetitive content, you should focus on creating impactful content even if you do not create it that often. Our SEO services in Toronto can assist and provide tips to improve the quality of your content. 

  • Paying attention to your costumer

For generating revenue from a business, your costumer is the most important. You have to keep your costumers contented for your business to flourish. To do this, looking in the comment section of your website can help. That is where people leave all the queries they might have regarding your website. Instead of answering every question separately, it is advisable to create a blog and answer all the questions presented by each individual. 

  • Avoiding illegal activities

You should avoid committing errors like getting involved in illegal activities. These include publishing plagiarized content, or buying back links. These activities will lead to serious consequences, for example, Google can impose penalty on your website.


There are a lot more things you can do to boost the growth of traffic towards your site. All it needs is time and dedication, and your website can surely make it to the first page of Google results page. You can get assistance from our SEO Agencies Toronto to guide you increase traffic organically.

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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