Decrease Your CPC (Cost Per Click) By Following These Tips (Part 2)

If you read the last article about how you can make your Google ads more relevant and pay less for your clicks, this article will talk more about how Google offers you built-in tools for free to evaluate how relevant your ads are to all the keywords you added, related to the services/products you offer on your website. 

Some find Google ads to be the best way to market their products or services and it seem to work for them. But, is it really working for you in the best possible way?

Let’s find out! by doing a quick math you can find out how much you’re paying for each click on your ads. 

Formula: Amount Spend in 30 Days (Divided By) Clicks on your ad in 30 days = Cost Per Click or CPC

Why 30 days? 30 days is typically the best time to calculate an average CPC. 30 days is usually enough time for Google to trigger your ad for almost all keywords listed in your ad.

People using traditional Google AdWords account have the ability to see the progress in keywords section within the AdWords center. But this calculation can be very handy for people using Google AdWords Express Center.

Why is it important to know the CPC? You might be paying $3/Click where on the other hand your competitor may be paying only $0.90/Click, Yes it is possible! 

But How is it possible? You’re going to find out!

There are some factors that Google counts to determine whether your ad is worth showing to the users looking for services/products you offer. Google cares about their user experience, and Oh Yeah, they do like making money too! But why not, if you don’t care about how your money is being spent on Google ads Google is going to take all your money and give you clicks that might not even convert into leads/sales.

What are those factors? There are a bunch. We talked about Ad Relevancy in the last article which is one of the main factors, let’s see what else can you do to pay less for those clicks. 

1. Improve Ad Quality Score:

Numbers show that more than 80% of Google AdWords Express Account holders do not even know the ad ranking for each keyword. This is a major factor to determine why your ads aren’t showing on top and how you can improve it. 

Google Ad quality score system works on a 1 to 10 ranking system, 10 being the highest rank. Getting that 10/10 ranking is everyone’s dream. But realistically anything above 6 is pretty good. 

Ad ranking is determined using a few different factors, Google does show your ad to users who type the keywords you have included in your ad. But if someone doesn’t click on your ad, Google thinks that your ad may not be relevant for that keywords. Or, let’s say the user did click on your ad but did not find what the user was looking for, that is also considered a bounce which in Google’s lingo, not a very good thing. 

Step #1:

Make sure the title and the description is clear and can be understood by even a 12 year old.

Bad Example: Buy Now FREE S&H on all Office Chairs

Good Example: Comfortable Office Chair | Free Shipping

Tip: Try to be the reader, not a writer! If you’re looking for an office chair, your far more likely to click on something that delivers a clear message and shows the sense of care and responsibility. 

Step #2:

If you have a limited budget, there is no harm to use the keywords that generate less traffic but are directly related to the products/services you offer. 

2. Use Keywords In Ad Title:

It doesn’t hurt to use good quality keywords in your ad title, as long as it make sense and delivers a clear message. 

Having keywords in your ad title increase the relevancy of your ad and can help you rank above your competitors who might be paying even more than you for the same keyword. 

Pro Tip: After trying all these tips, be patient and let google crawl through your ad and the landing page to read all the changes. 

If you want google to prioritize to read/crawl your ad and landing page, make a slight change on the title or the description of your active google ad, this will trigger the Google bot to read the changes made in the ad and the landing page sooner that what it usually takes. 

You can also create multiple ads under one campaign and monitor the results using free built-in tools and emphasis on that specific ad to generate more clicks, more on that coming in the next article. 🙂

Happy Google Advertising !

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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