Does SEO really work?

SEO is the abbreviation used for search engine optimization. It helps you increase the quality and quantity of the traffic your website attracts. Traffic is the people who visit your website. Their quality matters as much as their amount. Let’s take an example: If a search engine directs people from all over the world to your shop to buy a product, however, you just deal the mentioned product locally in California then this search will be of no use to you or the visitor. Once your website starts attracting the right traffic, the more the merrier game starts. Our SEO Marketing Agency Toronto will guide you the way to the road of SEO.

What is search engine in SEO?

Let’s discuss search engines. These are tools utilized by people to discover data related to any subject in the world. These use two things in order to decide which websites are related to the topics searched by the individual. These also rank websites are from most preferred to least prioritized using following:

  1. Keywords.

Keywords also known as catchphrases are words that are present in the inquiry articulation given by search engine users. 

2. Back links.

Back linking means other websites or means like social media providing links to your main website. Search engines like, Google prioritizes websites with more back links.

What is meant by optimization in SEO?

It is the work you put in to increase the level of your rank. It has two main components that are on-set and off-set.

  1. On-site:

It discusses content of your website.

  1. The use of keywords: frequently use the words that define your website. The more they are used, the more search engine will direct traffic searching for that keyword to your website.
  2. Title: These are important and help your website to get prominent in the view of search engines. Titles should be attractive with proper wording and relevancy to your website.
  3. Quality content: the content of your website should be fresh and rich. It should have all the information you want to convey to your visitor. It must not have any false data or guarantees that you cannot keep. Search engines prioritize your website if the content in it is not plagiarised, which means it is not copied off other sites.

2. Off-site:

  1. Link building: it basically implies providing links prompting your main site that you want people to visit, in different sites or blogs and so forth. The more links leading to your website, the higher it climbs up on the food chain. Search engines also prefer sites that are linked with genuine websites or sources of information. 
  2. Social media: social media is the cause of incredible impact in today’s advancing age. Advertising your website using various social media applications like face-book and instagram are a great way of introducing it to the world. Moreover, the search engines do take recommendations by these applications into consideration.
  3. Mobile optimization: today’s world is the world of smart phones. Almost every adult and most youngsters carry mobiles and they are a major part of our lives. Even if your website has amazing content, it may still be on low ranking if it is not mobile friendly. What this means is that your site is not easily available or people cannot navigate by using smart phones. In this way you will lose visitors as more than 50% of people surfing the internet use their phones. For making it mobile friendly, your website should be responsive, which means that it should be able to fit in any screen provided to it. 


SEO is not a job that can be done in a single day. It needs time and dedication, and when provided both, it works wonders for the popularity of your website and in increasing the quality and quantity of traffic towards your site. Get guidance on this by our SEO companies Toronto.

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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