Fastest ways to increase traffic with SEO

Website optimization can be utilized to build the traffic successfully towards your web page. It is a cheaper option, as it can help to move the rank of your site higher on the results page of search engines. SEO services are provided at our company in Toronto. We can help you to get a better understanding of this concept if you are a beginner.

  • Site speed

When the site speed of your website is slow, the search engine user may get irritated as the result of the delayed loading of your site. Because of this reason, web crawlers lean towards websites that have quicker stacking velocity or simply put, site speed. To increase your site speed, you can either optimize your website yourself or get professional SEO services in Toronto at our company. A simple trick would be to constrict the size of pictures you use in your articles. This will reduce the number of pages in your website, effectively increasing site speed. 

  • Content formatting

Regardless of whether your content is very useful or educational, it must grab the attention of the client to read it. No one likes a long and boring block of text. The formatting of your content is very important in enhancing its appearance. The use of different audios, videos or images is also a key factor. Our company provides affordable SEO services in Toronto that includes advice on content formatting.

  • The sequence of your content

If you provide the most vital data that you need to convey to your client towards the beginning of your substance, it will effectively expand the user’s pane of attention. This information may include what your website is about or what services or products you are trying to sell.

  • Mobile friendly optimization

Our company provides the best SEO marketing services and puts great emphasis on your site optimization. These days most searches are made through phones. If your site is optimized to fit in any size screen, it will prove to be a huge plus point and will influence the position of your site to go higher.

  • The security of your website

If your website is not protected, it is not likely to be picked by search engines. Because they prefer safe sites, so, that their users are also safe. To make your site secure you can make use of HTTPS and keep your software up to date. The security of your website can be further increased by tips given at our company that is one of the top SEO companies in Toronto.

  • Ruptured links

If your website leads to links that are ruptured or broken, it creates an awful impression. Search engine will consider your website to be untrustworthy and old. People also do not like if links in your website lead to error pages. This is why we at our SEO company advice you to check and recheck the links you provide in your website to make sure there are no broken links.


These are just some of the ways that can make traffic grow faster. Our SEO Company in Toronto provides many more techniques that are effective and easy to incorporate in your SEO planning.

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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