Is Back-linking still important in SEO?

For understanding the significance of something we should initially have a clear thought of what it is. When a site gives a link that is prompting another site or page it is said to be back linked. These links are located within the content of a website. Upon clicking these links, the individual is lead to another website or page. There are generally two types of back linking;

  1. Good back linking
  • Good back linking is the connections or links that join other websites that contain content relevant to yours, to your website.
  • Links that are provided by websites, which are reliable and trusted by search engines.
  • Links that have an element of variation are considered more valuable. By variation we mean they come from different domains and regions.

2. Bad back linking

  • Competitors pay and get these added in your website to harm the reputation of your site.
  • These are essentially links given by untrustworthy or shabby websites.

Back linking in today’s age

Prior to the idea of back linking, keywords were the main thing utilized by web crawlers with the goal to discover the sites are generally valid. When back linking was first introduced, quantity mattered more than quality. The websites with the most back links were considered the best. However, in today’s advanced age, quality is considered far more important. An excess of back links may lead to a google penalty if they are bad back links. To acquire the complete knowledge regarding back linking, feel free to visit our SEO marketing agency Toronto.

  • Back linking is essential part of SEO in today’s age. Execution of most of the search engine optimization is with the aid of blogs, social media, and various website. These promote your website by the usage of links.
  • Back linking is a medium through which web crawlers identify or locate new websites. Just as it is easier to find a needle if it is attached to a thread, similarly it is more convenient for search engines to find more and fresh websites when they are back linked by websites that are already trusted by these search engines.
  • As web crawlers do not possess the ability to think, they depend on back links to discover the authenticity of various sites. They analyze the quality and quantity of these back links and evaluate sites on the premise of the analysis.
  • Back links can attract traffic just as it attracts search engines. For example, if an individual has inquired about a question or needs a product, which is relevant to your website, it is possible that he will visit your website if it is back linked by a reliable site.
  • Internal links are those that are situated in your very own sites or online journals and prompt your main site, which you want to promote. Spreading a strong web of relevant internal links can help boost growth of traffic towards your site.


Back linking is as important today as it was 10 years ago. It is important in many ways in the strategic planning of SEO. Our SEO companies in Toronto also make use of back linking and give tips on how you can utilize it to make use of its full potential.

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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