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What is SEO and how it works

Following is a brief explanation provided by experts of our SEO Company, of the concept of SEO for those new to it.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the use of online strategies to increase traffic, which is essentially number of people visiting your website. It not only helps in attracting traffic, but also makes sure it is the right kind. This means that it is beneficial for you and your site. If your site attracts loads of visitors, but they are not in need of products or services you are trying to sell, then the whole point of your website and their search is lost. Therefore, SEO emphasises on both number and kind of traffic.

Our SEO Company is one of the leading companies that provide excellent services when it comes to search engine optimization.

In the past, the main factors that were deemed important by search engines when they evaluated all the websites were keywords and back links. The higher the number of keywords in a website, the more chance it had to be on the top of results page. Moreover, the greater the number of back links, the more trustworthy the sites were considered by web crawlers. Therefore, the basic strategies that were used then were that websites were stuffed with keywords. People also used illegal means like buying back links. It means paying others to link your website to theirs. 

However, as the time progressed, and the competition increased, search engines started focusing on the quality and relevancy of your content, rather than its keywords or back links. Now, it is important to develop a strong and efficient SEO strategy if you do not want your website to be ignored by search engines, or be placed on the 10thresults page that no one bothers to visit. Our SEO Company supplies the best SEO marketing services to make your site land in the first three websites of the first results page. 

 Other SEO factors that are important in today’s age include:

  • The quality and originality of your content.
  • Content formatting and its representation.
  • Your website’s site loading speed.
  •  Mobile optimization.
  • Appropriate use of keywords.
  • Social media.

The factors given above are thoroughly explained by top SEO specialists at our SEO Company. These are just a few out of many. These require little to no money and the traffic gained by the use of SEO lasts longer than the one gathered by spending money on paid ads. If it seems to difficult or you do not have the time for SEO planning, professional SEO services are provided at our company. 

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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