Use These Tips & Pay Less For Your Google Ad Clicks (Part 1)

Doesn’t it sound like that magic trick that every magician performs but no one tells you how to execute one yourself!

Google Ads are none other! With the introduction to the Google Ads Express panel, Google has made it very easy for business owners to advertise on Google and create their own ads without having a lot of background knowledge about Google AdWords platform. 

But can you ask yourself, when was the last time you bought groceries and the cashier looked at your cart without scanning a single item and said “$65 please!” never. Whatever you purchase in today’s world, there is a way to measure the cost and value. 

Well, not really. That’s exactly what’s happening at Google’s Express Ads center. Imaging you want to buy mangoes, today you get 10 mangoes for $10 tomorrow you get only 4 mangoes for the same price, who is controlling the cost?

You should have the ability to control and monitor how your money is being spent. Coming back to Google Ads, Yeah! It is great that now you can create your own ad campaigns with knowing such little about it. But many People end-up spending way more than what their competitors spend and get similar results. Who is going to check ? Nobody. 

Google Ads Express center has never been the most favorite tool for internet marketing agencies. They all tend to stick with the traditional Google AdWords Center. But why? The answer is very simple! They just like to know where exactly the money is going and can tweak the ads to spend the least amount of money and get the most results.

Today, this article is going to share a few tips, which both, Express and Traditional Google AdWords account holders can benefit from. 

1. Ad Relevancy:

As important and simple as it may sound, to some, it comes as a nightmare. Ad relevancy does not only help you get your ad more relevant clicks but it also helps you pay less for each click. 

That’s right, and how can you make your ads more relevant?

Well, maybe you can make the landing page more relevant to your ads than the other way around…. 

For some of us, we try our best to write the best title and description for our google ads where we compress 1500 words on our landing page in to just 35 characters. But our landing page still sucks! 

You can make it better by using the keywords you used in your ads, and write content based on each keyword, try to use all the keywords around 1% – 2% on your landing page.  Use free tools like to find out what keywords you’re using the most on your landing page. 

This can help you long way get those important  and relevant clicks and pay less than your competitors.

2. The “+” Sign With Each Keyword:

Have you not heard about the + sign before? Aaah! maybe you use the Google AdWords Express. 

This little plus sign can take your CTR (Click Through Rate) ski rocketing. By adding the + sign before each keyword (without a space), you’re telling Google to trigger your ad whenever someone types something that is a close variant to what your ad is about. 

So let’s say you have the keyword phrase “Nike Running Shoes” in your keywords list, if you add the + sign before each keyword (+Nike +Running +Shoes) that means if someone types “Leather Wedding Shoes” your ad isn’t going to be triggered. But if someone types “Running shows for women” your ad will show up. 

This can save you a lot of money going down the drain for all those irrelevant clicks. If you don’t put the + sign before each keyword then your ad will display even if someone types “Worst Running Shoes”, lol yeah! you definitely don’t want to show up for these types of phrases.


Google takes time to read/crawl the content on your landing page and/or your Google ad every time you modify something. So be patient! After you make these changes to your ads and landing pages, give it at least 6 to 10 days before you evaluate the results. 

If you’re in a hurry, and want Google bot to read your changes quickly, Next article will talk about how you can trigger google bot to read the changes you make on your landing page within 24 hours. 

Happy Google AdWord-ing. Spend Less, Earn More! 🙂

Note: All the instructions mentioned above are regularly followed and practiced by the Google AdWords Certified Experts at 6ix Developers under all active campaigns.

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