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Google Adwords/PPC Management Toronto

We are specialized in managing Google Adwords campaigns and providing our clients maximum outcome on their investments. We are proud to manage Google Ad Campaigns of over 2000 businesses across Canada and the USA. Our dedicated Google Ads Certified team of experts manages over $5 Million each month in Google Ads spending.

We help businesses in many different industries, this diversity gives us experience to manage Google Ads across a variety of industries. 6ix Developers is one of the fastest growing Google Ads marketing agencies in Canada, based out of our beloved city of Mississauga/Toronto.

Client Success

We are Diverse & Experienced


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Criminal Law Firm

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Family Law Firm

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Employment Law Firm

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Mortgage Agency

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Custom Apparel Printing Company

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Auto Mechanic Shop

2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead


2021, Q3 - Q4

Conversion Rate


Click Through Rate


Cost Per Lead

Free Google Ads Account Audit

Stop Guessing,
Understand Your Campaigns Better.

Businesses with PPC/Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns occasionally need to conduct a thorough audit of their account. Doing regular Google Ads campaigns audits is important because it allows you to review your PPC campaigns performance and pinpoint areas that need improvement. The goal of the audit is to find areas where you’re underperforming so you can get better results, generate more leads with the same budget and save money on your Google Ads.

Get your free Google Ads Account Audit by booking a discovery call with one of our Google certified ads specialists now. Click below to get started.

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How Do Your Google Ads Stack Up?

Whether you’re satisfied with your current Google Ads performance or just would like to see if there is more that could be achieved with the same budget, we can discreetly Audit your account and provide vital details on many different tangible performance aspects of your Google Ads campaigns. We offer a free Google Ads account Audit that allows businesses like Law Firms, Med Spa Clinics, Construction, Restaurants, and others to see how they compare to other Google Ads advertisers with similar spends. See what’s wrong with your Google Ads campings, discover what you can do to improve, and what kind of results you can expect if you implement specific changes.

Get your free Google Ads Account Audit by booking a discovery call with one of our Google certified ads specialists now. Click below to get started.

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Google Ads Free Audit Request

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What's included in our comprehensive Google Ads Account Audit

Wasted Money

The wasted spend section of our Google Ads audit reviews your use of negative keywords, which are essential for keeping AdWords costs low. If you are not implementing negative keywords, you could be wasting thousands of dollars per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert into a lead.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. Our Google Ads specialist reviews your campaigns and measures your CTR because it’s a very important metric to identify whether your ad copy is relevant and unique. If your CTR is low, you could be losing ground to competitors.

Long Tail Keyword Optimization

Long tail keywords or more targeted keywords, are an essential part of a profitable PPC campaign. If you’re not implementing long-tail keywords, you’re missing opportunities to grab highly relevant, low cost leads.

PPC Best Practises

Our certified Google Ads specialist makes sure that you are adhering to the proven best practises that Certified Google Ads Experts follow for optimal performance.

Quality Score

Our Google Ads specialist reviews your campaign’s Quality Scores. High Quality Scores have a major impact on your ROI, improving your rankings and lowering your cost per click resulting in a more relevant and lower cost per lead.

Account Activity

Our PPC specialist reviews how much time your Google Ads Account manager spends in your account. We have discovered a strong correlation between those who spend more time in their Google Ads accounts and overall success rate.

Ad Text Optimization

The Google Ads campaign audit reviews your text ad usage, which is key for strong performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR and ad relevance and ranking.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are usually the front of your business, meaning a bad landing page will not perform well regardless of how good the Google Ads campaigns are performing. Our Google Ads Account audit makes sure you have landing pages up to the speed with competitors.

Our Free Google Ads Audit will help you discover how you measure up against competitors, where your account needs improvement, and exactly what changes you need to make to best optimise your Google Ads account. Click below to get started.
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Google Ads

Regardless of the size of your business, running a search marketing campaign on Google can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have a strong strategy. Google Ads is designed to target users in a very broad manner, which can lead business owners to easily purchase and pay for very broad keywords and blow the budget without generating a single lead. Our job is to build a strategy based on your business type, level, mindset, competitor, goals and many other factors to pay only for the keywords that are going to bring leads to your business. Every dollar spend on Google ads with 6ix Developers goes through extensive strategy and planning to get you back the maximum ROI.

Keywords Research

The way people look for your services you offer is changing everyday. Our Google Adwords certified team of specialists make sure you pay only for the keywords that are relevant to your business and going to bring maximum leads. Because remember, everything someone clicks on your ad, Google charges you for it. Thus, your keywords must be finely tuned and focused on high conversion rate.

Google Ads GEO Targeting

We make sure to only target users based on our GEO marketing strategy. This will ensure that people find your business to be most relevant and take the desired action on your website. It is essential that Google Adword campaigns are GEO optimized and Google ads are only showing to users within the targeted location(s).

Website Speed Optimization for Google Ads

Often overlooked, the speed of your website landing page is a critical factor in how Google determines what your cost per click would be. A slower website can make your cost per click more than your competitor yet you rank below your competitor. Our in-house developers optimize landing pages used for Google ads to load fast and have the lowest bounce rate.

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How It Works

What Do We Need From You?

To begin creating your Google Ads campaign, we’ll need a few things from you first.

Manager Access

We will access your Google Ads account through Manager Level Access. We do not need your account login information and you are in full control of your account.

Monthly Budget

Agreed upon monthly budget. Your Google Ads specialist will conduct industry competitors research to determine the optimal monthly budget for your business.

Website URL

We will need your website URL to setup conversion tracking.

On-boarding Process

1. Our Google Ads specialists will conduct comprehensive business research to determine the level of competition, to develop an effective strategy.

2. Compile a list of lead generating keywords based on the monthly budget and send it to you for your review and approval.

3. We will build an effective campaign structure with supporting ad groups and send it to you for approval.

4. We will then develop creative ad copy e.g. headlines and descriptions and send it to you for approval.

5. We will set up conversions tracking using Google Tag Manager, Click Fraud Protection Integration and Custom Reporting Dashboard

No Contract

Month to month payment

Low One Time Setup Fee

We give you $500 to start Google Ads with us. Check your eligibility

Flat Rate Monthly Fee

You pay less and get more returns


You pay Google directly with your own preferred payment method

Grow Your Business With Google Ads

No matter the size of your business, a strong PPC platform is essential to attract customers to your website.

A Google Ads platform is perfect for any business that wants to increase sales, increase traffic to their website, or simply grow their presence online.

Find out your monthly management cost

One Time Low Setup Fee:



Our Low Management Fee:

$499 per month or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater.

What's Included

Google Ads
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Review Calls
Account Access
Reporting Dashboard
Google Analytics
Goal Setting
Click Fraud Protection
Call & Conversion Tracking
Remarketing & Display Ads

Google Ads Consultation

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Why is Google Ads right for my business?

In this digital era, establishing a great online advertising platform is almost essential for the success of any business. One of the most common ways to do this is through Pay-per-Click advertising, of which Google Ads is the leader in. PPC advertising strongly positions your company to show in front of the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. It is the perfect tool whether you want to increase sales, increase traffic to your website, or simply establish your presence online.

We are also experienced in designing landing pages that run cohesively with Google Ads. Our landing pages are highly focused, mobile friendly, load quickly, contain strong call-to-actions, and strategically use content from your website. Having a functional and attractive landing page with good content can increase your ranking with Google, meaning your ads will show closer to the top of potential clients’ Google searches. Click here to get your free website consultation.

What are other ways to promote my business?

We offer free website audits and consultations. Having a professionally designed and optimized website, that is fast and easy-to-use, is extremely important to get your website high in Google Search results, and drive organic traffic to your website. Click here to get your free audit and/or consultation.

We also offer search engine optimization and social media management services. While having an optimized website is important to drive organic traffic to your website, social media allows your business to build an extensive online presence, and trust with your customers.

How does Google Ads work?

1. You set your budget
2. Google holds an “auction”, considering everything from your budget to how relevant your website is.
3. The “winner’s” ad is shown at the top of the search results page

What is a landing page?

The landing page could be any existing page on your website. It could also be completely separate from your main website. it is the page that customers land on when they click on the link in your ad.

Why do I want my ad at the top of a search results page?

Potential customers do not tend to scroll past the first page on a Google search, so an ad that does not show on this page is not going to benefit your business. As customers tend to click on the first result that resonates with them, the higher your ad shows, the more people are going to see it, which gives you a higher chance at making conversions.

How do you use Google Ads effectively?

By researching keywords and competitors for your industry, we create Google Ads that have a high chance of conversion once someone clicks on them. By targeting specific groups of people, we direct more highly-qualified leads to your website.

Do I need a landing page or website for my campaign?

No, but it is recommended. Not having a relevant landing page or website can severely impact the outcome of your Google Ads campaign.

A landing page designed specifically for your campaign provides potential customers a more consistent experience. A relevant landing page will also contain relevant content, which can improve your ad’s overall Quality Score. The Quality Score helps to determine your ad ranking, which severely affects where your ad shows up on the page of any qualified search.

Why do I need a Google Ads specialist to manage my campaign?

An effective Google Ads campaign is an ongoing process – not a one time thing. This means you need someone who is able to monitor your progress, and conduct regular research on your competitors and keywords. With this, they are able to update your ads to help keep you ahead of your competition.

Google Ads Specialists have already taken training on the Google Ads platform, and are certified to provide Google Ads services.

Check Your Eligibility To Get $500 In Google Ads Credit

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